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In Daycare, Cute Dog Demands To Pet Other Dogs, And The Perplexed Pups Confused Accept It


The sweetest behaviors come from canine companions. We have previously seen this with one doggo who became famous online due to the fact that she searches daycare for the softest pups so that she may take a sleep on them. Ruby, a German shorthaired pointer who demonstrates her appreciation for other dogs by stroking them, is another dog that has become an online phenomenon because to her adorable antics.

Ruby and her brother Miles both take their dogs to The Den Doggy Daycare in Burlington, which is located in Ontario. A few months ago, the proprietor of one of the other dogs was the one who first saw Ruby’s peculiar but endearing habit at that location.

“She is always doing that whenever she comes in here. Ruby’s owner, Alanah Lorraine, said to the Dodo that “We assume she craves attention!” in reference to Ruby’s behavior of stroking and touching other animals while at the daycare.

Ruby interacts socially with the other dogs at The Den Doggy Daycare, according to Spencer, who works there. Spencer claims that Ruby does this nearly every time she visits. “She will generally begin by working on her brother Miles, then once the other dogs at the daycare begin to relax, she will go on to working on the other dogs.” It would seem that Miles is only interested in getting pets and not in providing them.


Spencer told us that most of her daycare friends don’t mind and see it as her playing with them. “We think it started with trying to get Miles’ attention or to play with him and just evolved from there,” Spencer said. “We think it started with trying to get Miles’ attention or to play with him and just evolved from there.”

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In addition to this, he said that they are the only daycare in Burlington that provides free roaming both inside and outside the facility. “The Burlington Post has given us its award for Best Doggy Daycare each of the last three years,” said the business. Our staff members who work with the dogs are the absolute backbone of our program, and they are incredible with the dogs; without the team that we have, we could never accomplish what we do.”

Spencer went on to say, “We are so thankful to see everyone loving the film that Alanah created, and now everyone gets to experience the enjoyment that dogs like Ruby provide us on a daily basis.”

Ruby’s activities often give the impression that they have perplexed, baffled, and bewildered the other best boys and girls at the doggie daycare. Their responses are wonderful in their own right! Despite this, it seems that they still take pleasure in Ruby stroking them with her paw.

Alanah said that the majority of dogs are unaffected by it and just allow it to take place. She began shooting Ruby’s fascinating technique of demonstrating her affection for people whenever she saw it happen and eventually completed the project.

After that, she put all of the footage together into a single movie and uploaded it to TikTok, where it has had more than 620.4k views and over 144.8k likes as of the time this article was written. Additionally, the very famous We Rate Dogs Twitter account reposted the video, which resulted in 7.7 million additional people seeing it.

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Alanah claims that she had the notion that the video would be cute in her head. On the other hand, she had no idea that it would become as widespread as it is now.

There are a variety of possible interpretations can be made on the act of dogs and their owners pawing at one another. For example, kids may be looking for attention or the company of people who will play with them. In addition, pooches may start pawing at you when they have another need, such as food, and they are attempting to “subtly” obtain your attention by doing so.

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