After losing her offspring, the mother horse “adopted” an orphaned foal, winning 26 million hearts. – Animals Nature Press

After losing her offspring, the mother horse “adopted” an orphaned foal, winning 26 million hearts.


Sadly, difficulties can arise during labor and delivery.
Animals share our human experiences with us. If their child or children die at birth, mothers’ hearts also break. When parents realize they have lost their children, some people keep looking for them while also appearing depressed.

The Netherlands’ Queen Uniek, a Friesian horse, was carrying her first foal.
The moment she went into labor, she knew something was wrong. She was burning her lips and strutting around within her stable because she was nervous about that specific moment. Her owner, Yvonne, stood next to her and made an effort to calm her down.
An hour later, Uniek gave birth, and the doctors who helped her pulled out a foal that wasn’t breathing. Although they tried their best, it was too late to save him. He failed to succeed.

Yvonne remained to console Uniek.
The distraught mare tried repeatedly to revive her foal by licking him, but it was unsuccessful. The foal was removed from the mare’s stable as Yvonne continued to console Uneik. She was aware that her beloved horse was suffering greatly.
Then, fantastic news reached Yvonne and the rest of the Friesian Horses team. Her buddy called and informed her that they were taking care of an orphaned foal.


She wasn’t sure how Queen Uniek would react to the birth of another horse, but she believed it might be the answer to her sorrow.


They transported the foal to their property by loading it into a van. If Uniek was interested in taking the foal in as her own, Yvonne wanted to ask. While the foal had no mother, she lost her son. There was a lot of hope in the barn.

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The foal was slowly brought up to Uniek by Yvonne.

The first few interactions were very tentative. The foal reciprocated her sniff by doing the same. They could tell she was thrilled to have the foal in front of her because she danced a little, almost as if she were claiming him as her own.


It was a truly unique occasion. I never anticipated this happening. As soon as Rising Star was welcomed by Queen Uniek, we knew it.


Since then, Queen Uniek has never left Rising Star’s side.

The following day, when they discovered the sweet mother and son inside their stable, Uniek developed strong feelings for the foal she had adopted. She followed him everywhere he went. Rising Star and Uniek frequently shared a path.

Rising Star was the happiest foal Yvonne had ever seen, and she was always when she took the two out in the pasture. Like any juvenile animal, he ran and moved around freely. Uniek, on the other hand, kept her infant in sight and trailed closely after him.

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