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The Wonderful Golden Retriever Who Celebrated Her 20th Birthday Is Now the World’s Oldest Golden Retriever


The world’s oldest golden retriever recently turned 20.

August, a Golden Retriever, lives in Oakland, Tennessee, with his adoring owners Steve and Jennifer Hetterscheidt. The adorable pup was acquired six years ago from The GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue, a nonprofit rescue organization in Chester, Maryland that specializes in golden retriever puppies.

Since 1999, this excellent charity has been doing good for pets. August, fondly known as Auggie, had been staying in this shelter until being adopted by the Hetterscheidt family. The cutie pie recently celebrated her 20th birthday, which marked a significant milestone in her life.


You may be wondering what makes this birthday so significant, and the answer is that it makes Auggie the world’s oldest Golden Retriever Doggy!


Auggie’s adoring owners went over and above to make the cutie’s day extra special, printing a large banner and baking a scrumptious cake.

The rescue group also celebrated this momentous day on their social media platforms!

Jennifer claims that she is very healthy for her age of 20.

“She has little trouble moving around, with a little shaking when she initially gets up, and she enjoys regular walks in the yard.”

Jennifer also revealed that Auggie, the adorable puppy, eats a mix of wet and dry food and takes vitamins to aid with her kidney problems, which she was diagnosed with some time after being adopted at the age of 14.

Many happy returns, sweetie; you definitely deserve all of the joyous occasions.


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