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Waiting for the teacher who fed and looked for the puppy while being unaware that he passed away


The dog from Mabalacat City College, Buboy, was waiting for Professor Marcelo, who had just passed away, at the entrance to a teachers’ lounge in Manila, the Philippines. Following their posting on social media, the images garnered prominence.

Buboy, the university dog, was waiting for the professor who used to look after and feed him until Ma Kristina Paola Demafelix noticed it. She uploaded a picture of it on Facebook.

“Every time I saw you, Buboy, I started crying. It hurts to lose a love. especially if a teacher who treated you like family leaves the profession. Even though he didn’t have any classes, he came to the university to take care of you and feed you.

Knowing that the person he loved most in this world was dead and would never be seen again, Buboy must be in unbearable agony.


Buboy originally refused to eat anything, but he is now doing so thanks to the teachers, staff, and a few students who have helped him cope with this loss.

Buboy used to accompany the teacher from the entrance of the university to the classroom, where he would quietly sit at Marcelo’s side and take in the instruction, according to Ma Kristina. Buboy would even join Marcelo in the classroom for lunch. teachers.

She once again walked him to the door as he left to go home.

Marcelo experienced a stroke early last week. At first, he seemed like he would get better. He tragi.cally d.i.e.d on Saturday.

Before Marcelo was sent to the intensive care unit, Buboy had been often visiting the staff room (ICU). On Monday, Demaflix noticed Buboy with his paws on the door of the teachers’ lounge, as if she were calling to him.

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The absence of Buboy’s favorite instructor struck him as odd.

According to Ma Kristina:

Mr. Marcelo couldn’t go to school since he was in the intensive care unit. But Buboy persisted in using the staff bathroom, and yesterday we saw him banging on the door.

You can see the video here!


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