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Tiny Chihuahua Meets Dad Again After Saving His Life


Rudy Armstrong, a retired Navy veteran, was relaxing on his houseboat in North Carolina with his loyal pet, Bubu, when suddenly something strange started to happen to his health. He decided to sit down since his foot became asleep and he was unable to move it.

A few minutes later, he realized that one of his arms was now immobile, which deeply alarmed him because he had limited options for asking for help.


His faithful Chihuahua mix, Bubu, walked over to inspect and saw immediately once that something was wrong.


Rudy turned to face Bubu but was unable to pick up his phone.

Kim, please come to my aid.

Bubu left the houseboat without delay, appearing to fully comprehend his father’s instructions. She ran to the harbor knowing what to do and found Kim, the dock captain.

Brandy Popp, the public relations manager at CarolinaEast Health System, stated to The Dodo:

He stopped in front of me and laid on his side rather than welcoming me as usual with his bark, leap, and lick.

Kim accompanied Bubu back to the boat when she realized what Bubu was trying to say. She noticed Rudy had previously called 911 after having a stroke there. Kim took care of Bubu while Rudy was rushed to the hospital for more specialized care as soon as paramedics arrived on the scene.

Due to Bubu’s courage, his father was able to receive immediate medical care and go on to recover completely.

After spending many weeks recuperating at Carolina East Health System, Rudy dearly missed his loyal little friend.

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CREDITS: Facebook/CarolinaEast Health System




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