Five years after being stolen, a dog travels 600 miles to meet its family. – Animals Nature Press

Five years after being stolen, a dog travels 600 miles to meet its family.


When Stephanie Moore-Malmstrom got a text message informing her that her dog, Sheba, had been found in a town that was more than 900 kilometers away, she first believed the message was a prank.

At first, I was confused and asked myself, “Where are my one million dollars and my cruise?

Moore-research Malmstrom’s suggests that The Dodo. “I hear someone approaching,”

An officer used the information contained in Sheba’s microchip to positively identify her, but Moore-Malmstrom was still not persuaded. However, despite the fact that the puppy was quite a bit older, Moore-Malmstrom was still able to identify Sheba as soon as she saw her on a FaceTime call.


Moore-Malmstrom reported thinking, “Oh my God, you have my dog, you have our kid,” as she realized what had happened.

Pilots N Paws is an organization that is committed to rescuing animals by flying them back to their families or to no-kill shelters. As a result of their efforts, Sheba was soon in the air and on her way home.

When Sheba got off the aircraft, Moore-Malmstrom couldn’t contain her excitement at being being able to meet her dog after such a protracted absence. Sheba was in such a state of joy that she ran up to Malmstrom’s girls the moment she saw the Moore daughters.

Moore-Malmstrom made the following observation: “I experienced every feeling that you could even begin to comprehend.” Unfortunately, Sheba was unable to save my daughters in time.

Now that she was finally secure in the arms of her family, Sheba was able to relax and take pleasure in the love and support of those around her.

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Sheba was taken from the Moore-Malmstrom family’s backyard in Baytown, Texas, in 2018 and taken to the Texas Panhandle, where she was eventually adopted and raised by a family for four and a half years, the Moore-Malmstroms later concluded. Sheba was eventually returned to the Baytown, Texas, yard of the Moore-Malmstrom family. Sheba’s new owners made the decision that they did not want to take care of her when the family who had previously had her had to leave and find a new home for her, so they dumped her on the street. Sheba was living outdoors and being cared for by a young person in the community when an animal control officer found her and scanned her for a microchip. She had been lost.

Moore-Malmstrom expresses her profound gratitude to Borger Animal Control and Friends of Texas Panhandle Shelter Pets for the support they provided in reuniting Sheba with her family.

Moore-Malmstrom made the following observation: “So many people worked together to bring her back to me.”

Sheba seems to have an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be reunited with her family. In spite of the fact that they have been absent for a significant amount of time, they still have the remainder of their lives to make up for it.


credits: ilovemydogsomuch

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