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Woman finds a puppy abandoned in the forest, and she does this.


The Cleveland National Forest located near San Diego is home to a vast range of wild animals, such as bobcats and bears, amongst other wild animals. Consequently, a Good Samaritan was making her way through the forest when she came to an abrupt stop when she became aware of a pair of eyes in the distance following her progress.

She at first thought that she had seen a wild animal, but after taking a closer look, she realized that she had been mistaken.

According to rescuer Suzette Hall, who was quoted by The Dodo, the witness “couldn’t believe what she was witnessing” when she saw the dog.

At the conclusion of a winding dirt road, the dog found himself all by himself. Because she was hidden by the slope of the walkway, the lady who discovered her was unable to approach her and help her. On the other hand, the lady had no trouble figuring out how to save the cute puppy.


The mother first established a makeshift feeding station at the apex of the hill in an attempt to coax the youngster out of the hiding place she had dug for her.

According to Hall, the dog would hike up the hill in order to get some food. After she had done preparing the supper, the lady would hide it away so that her pursuers would not find it and come looking for her.

After then, the wife dialed Hall’s number to ask for his help in planning the rescue operation.

That evening, Hall placed a trap in a convenient location near the feeding station in the expectation that the puppy will wander into the trap after finishing its meal. The dog, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen when the two ladies returned to the wooded area the next day.

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After leaving the trap once again that evening, Hall went back the next morning to check on the puppy and see how it was doing.

Hall said that she had finally fallen into his net. “And when I got her out, all she did was give me a kiss,” the narrator said.

Hall went to the animal shelter with the itty-bitty puppy, which she had given the name Trekker.

After having members of the staff run a microchip scan on Trekker, they learned that she had been adopted just four days before to the time of their first interaction with her.

The dog’s previous owners surrendered him to an animal shelter, and Hall eventually adopted him from there.

Hall moved quickly to find a foster home for Trekker, and she stayed with that family until the official paperwork for her new adoption was finalized.

According to Hall, she went from having a good foster family to having a beautiful permanent home after making the transfer. At this point in her life, all she does is enjoy herself.

According to Hall, Trekker is completely satisfied with her new human family at this point. Her loving family is her favorite people to spend time having fun with, holding hands with, and going on walks.

Hall made the observation that “Her history is entirely irrelevant today. She is a fierce adversary in every situation.


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