As the other dogs played, neglected husky sat frozen in fear in a corner. – Animals Nature Press

As the other dogs played, neglected husky sat frozen in fear in a corner.


More over two thousand canines were discovered by rescue workers from the Harbin SHS when they arrived at the location in Harbin, China. But of all the dogs, one of them stood out the most, and the reason why it did so was because it was the saddest.

This one dog remained still and motionless in the far corner, trembling with fear and feeling isolated from the other canines who were racing about and playing together.

In addition to that, she was not in the greatest form. Her coat was covered with excrement and was really filthy overall. She was undernourished and exhibited excessive levels of fear. It was quite clear that this poor Husky puppy had been abandoned for a considerable amount of time.

They made the choice to take in this puppy and give her the name Harriet. She climbed up into the lap of a volunteer as soon as they were inside the vehicle, and for the first time, she had a sense of security.


They took her to the veterinarian, who determined that Harriet was around eight months old based on her appearance.

Harriet is only a young dog, but she has already been through more heartbreak than any dog her age should. To our great relief, she was at last under competent care, and she was now well on her way to making a complete recovery.

Fortunately, with the exception of the apparent problems, Harriet’s health was generally good. The first thing that they did was to clean her up by giving her a bath and then they shaved off all of her dirty, matted fur.

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The following two months would be spent at their rescue facility, where she would be cared for and given the opportunity to recover.

Harriet’s fur started to grow back and she started coming out of her shell as the weeks passed by. She was such a pleasant and loving puppy, and it was time for her to find the home that would be hers for the rest of her life.

When a lady from Canada by the name of Rosee Vallee saw a photo of Harriet online, she instantly decided that she wanted to adopt the little girl. Harriet was taken to San Francisco by a volunteer who drove her there so that she may finally meet her adoptive mother.

Harriet’s new life in Canada began once she moved to this location. But along with her new beginning, she also received a new name: Bailey. She not only has a new human mother, but also three new dog sisters, all of whom she gets along with quite well.

Bailey is adjusting well to her new life and is having a lot of fun escapades with her adoptive family. Since she was found frozen in the secluded part of that land, she has gone such a long way, and it is all owing to the volunteers and the veterinarians who aided her along the road.


credits: ilovemydogsomuch

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