Heartbroken dog abandoned for his ‘ugly’ face is adopted, and the difference it makes is amazing. – Animals Nature Press

Heartbroken dog abandoned for his ‘ugly’ face is adopted, and the difference it makes is amazing.


Beaux Tox is a Labrador Retriever who was born with a facial deformity and lived a life of relentless rejection and mistreatment until he discovered Jamie Hulit, his soul mate and a genuine best friend. Beaux was saved from a life of suffering when he found Jamie Hulit, his soul mate and a true best friend.

Beaux’s distinctive appearance is a direct consequence of the fact that he was one of six puppies packed inside his mother’s womb at the time of his birth. According to Jamie, who was interviewed by The Dodo, “He just sort of got shoved out of the way, and formed how he developed.” Beaux’s brilliance and outgoing nature were unaffected by the deformity, thus he had to endure a lifetime of being bullied despite the fact that this was only the beginning of his ordeal.

Jamie revealed that the folks who were breeding him were unable to sell him because of his face abnormality. “The people who were breeding him” Beaux ended up living with a guy who ignored him and left him outdoors, all alone, for five years. “So they gave him away for free.” Beaux ended up living with a man who neglected him and left him outside for five years. Beaux was neglected to the point where local rescue organizations attempted to step in and save him, but they were unsuccessful. By the time they were done, all that was left of Beaux was a sad, disease- and parasite-ridden sack of bones without even a glimmer of hope.

Then the man’s guardian angel appeared before him. Jamie was unfazed by Beaux’s hopeless situation and was adamant about giving him a second opportunity. She said, “I didn’t care how severely he may possibly be unwell.” Simply put, I didn’t want him to have to go back into the foster care system and risk being sent back.

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“I wanted for him to have a secure environment and a location that he recognized as his home. Because of this, I bought him outright from his previous owner. Beaux Tox had already been all over the place, and all I wanted was for him to relax and be a dog.

Jamie could identify with Beaux since she too had been in foster care as a youngster. She knew the emotions of false hope and rejection that come along with being handed around from family to family, so she could understand what Beaux was going through.

Dr. Jay Rydberg, a devoted and heroic veterinarian, gave Beaux extensive care. Dr. Rydberg committed as much time and energy as Jamie did into getting Beaux back on his feet after he had been injured. They were successful in helping the sick canine overcome an ongoing condition of heartworms, which had brought him to the brink of death on several occasions. At long last, the doctor gave Beaux a clear bill of health, and Jamie was permitted to bring him back with her to her apartment.

Now that he is a member of a loving household, he finds himself taking on the role of a younger brother to another Retriever named Riley. They have gotten along so well that they are now inseparable. Jamie comments on the couple, stating that Riley and Beaux are over over heels in love with one another. “Even though there is a five-year age gap between them (Beaux is six and Riley is thirteen), they are the right match for each other. Even though Beaux behaves like a puppy, it helps Riley remain youthful.”

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In the end, everything turned out well. Beaux Tox has had a difficult past, but he still has the enthusiasm and naiveté of a young puppy, and he is overjoyed to have found a loving home to call his own. Jamie said that “he has such a vibrant personality.” “And simply so much has been provided to us by him.”


credits: dailyphew.com

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