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Elephant Prompts Visitors to Sing Her Baby a Song by Her Keeper


At the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, which is located in the Chiang Mai province, there was a charming and heartwarming event that took place. Beautiful Faa Mai, an elephant, moved the visitors out of the way so that her caregiver, who was now conducting a tour, could sing a lullaby to her foster kid.

This unbelievable occurrence was documented on video and shared on YouTube. The following is included in the description:

“As I was saying hello to the visitors, Faa Mai made a sudden and obvious entrance into our discussion. During the time that she was directing me someplace and pushing me into the field, I questioned the reasons for her actions.


Faa Mai resides at the facility known as the Elephant Nature Park, which is dedicated to the rescuing and rehabilitating of elephants. A second opportunity has been given to these gigantic and gorgeous creatures thanks to the existence of this sanctuary.


They have a unique connection due to the fact that Lek Chailert has been Faa Mai’s caretaker ever since she was an infant. As the photographs demonstrate, she did nothing more than follow Faa Mai about curiously as she started to push her. She is carried to the infant by the elephant, who envelops her waist with her trunk and lifts her up.


It would seem that as soon as the baby was brought to the shelter, Faa Mai made up her mind to adopt him and shower all of her love on him. She then got the idea to take Lek with her, who had always looked after her, so that she could devote her whole attention to the baby. Lek had always been the one to care for her.

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In addition, Lek Chailert

“Finally, Faa Mai took me with her to see the small kid Thong Ae, whom she plans to adopt in the near future,” Because she takes such pleasure in putting her little friend to sleep, it would seem that Faa Mai would want for me to be the one to do it for her. Seeing my kid, who has a heart that is so kind, brings a lot of joy to my life. I’m overjoyed for the success of this young woman!

Image courtesy of Elephant News.

Unbelievably, an animal and the person who takes care of it may develop a strong relationship to one another. Faa Mai is certainly happy and overjoyed to have Lek, and he wants to share with little Thong Ae part of the affection that he has received from Faa Mai’s wife.


credits: dailyphew.com

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