Regardless of their species, a woman cares for abandoned animals that no one else wants. – Animals Nature Press

Regardless of their species, a woman cares for abandoned animals that no one else wants.


Adri Rachelle, the founder of Wild Things Sanctuary, has opened her house and heart to all pets and abandoned animals, regardless of species. On average, she cares for 200 animals, spending thousands of dollars annually to keep them all happy and healthy.

Adri is committed to helping as many strays as she can. She has a strong passion for animals, and she constantly makes sure that everyone at the shelter is taken care of as soon as possible. Each month, she joyfully makes a number of compromises for her well-being in order to advance.

Their work is all the more astounding since they have to pay for it all out of their own wallets; not everyone would be willing to give so much of themselves, much less with limited finances.

Adri founded Wild Things Sanctuary after years of rescue countless creatures in need of help.


Bored Panda was told by Adri:

It was obvious to me that it was more than just a hobby for me because this had been my life’s story since I was a little child and I wanted to publicly declare it as my major interest.

Even though caring for abandoned animals is tough labor, Adri generally has a very optimistic outlook on things and never regards what she does as a job since she has such a strong bond with each of the creatures she saves.

Despite the fact that running the farm requires all of her time, seven days a week, with no right to a vacation, she insists she wouldn’t change a thing and loves every minute she gets to spend with her animals.

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Adrian continues:

“Animals in need of comfort and care have always come across me, and knowing that I am giving them a safe place to heal gives my life meaning. All the work, money, and suffering involved in maintaining an animal refuge pale in comparison to that reward.

CREDITS: Facebook/ Adri Rachelle

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