The rider remains by her side for three hours as her 900-pound horse gets trapped in muck. – Animals Nature Press

The rider remains by her side for three hours as her 900-pound horse gets trapped in muck.


After the huge animal became mired in the mud, the young lady stayed by its side for more than three hours. It was a race against the rising tide, but the horse was eventually rescued. The courageous woman initially managed to save both her daughter and another horse.

The beach excursion of this mother, daughter, and their two horses turned into a nightmare very soon. When the giant animals became stuck in the mud, Nicole Graham was riding her 17-year-old horse Astro while her daughter Paris rode a smaller horse. The mother fled in an effort to reach her daughter and her horse in time.

To make matters worse, Astro’s frantic attempts to rescue himself simply dug him in deeper. His owner clutched to him, soothing him as she sought assistance for their baby daughter Paris. The young lady made her way to their vehicle and made a distress call from there. Meanwhile, her mother stayed by Astro’s side.


Both the horse and his owner had become weary by the time help finally came. Thankfully, they were able to sedate Astro and bring him to safety. Graham, the owner of eleven horses, was terrified.

“It was very scary. It was quite sad to see my horse struggling and exhausted, the lady told the Geelong Advertiser. The mud was so pervasive that each time I attempted to move, it dragged me back down. It wouldn’t allow us out of there.

A veterinarian and a local farmer were part of the fire department’s squad that helped rescue the horse. Thankfully, the worst that happened to Astro was that he got dehydrated.

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Fire Lieutenant Roger Buckle remarked, “It was a race against the tide, and happily we won.” To paraphrase, “it was like quicksand.”

Nicole Graham, the horse’s owner, was given the credit for the animal’s survival by vet Stacey Sullivan. Some horses just don’t make it, and she believes that their chances of survival would have been diminished if their owner hadn’t been around.

Check out the video below to learn more about this exciting rescue!

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