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Vet finds overweight retriever a loving home after owner orders euthanasia


Taking care of a pet is never a simple or straightforward endeavor.

Unfortunately, some dog owners find that the act of grooming their dogs, as well as socializing them, taking care of their nutrition, ensuring that their health is okay, and many other things, may become quite overwhelming. Therefore, rather than seeking assistance or making even more of an effort to care for their dogs, some individuals resort to placing their animals in shelters or even worse situations. This is exactly what happened to Kai, a beautiful and friendly golden retriever who lived with his owner but gained a significant amount of weight during their time together. Kai’s owner eventually came to the conclusion that caring for Kai was too much of a burden and that euthanasia was the best option for the situation.

However, when the overweight dog was brought to the clinic, the veterinarian declined to put an end to his life. Instead, the veterinarian contacted Misfits of Alberta Animal Rescue so that they might assist Kai with adopting a dog.

This is how he initially connected with his savior, Pam Heggie. Kai had grown considerably by the time she brought him home. I could not believe what I was seeing. His stature was really enormous. Pam told Bored Panda that the photographs don’t do credit to how large he was and how tough it was even for him to take a few steps. “The pictures don’t do justice to how huge he was.”


The dog weighed 173 pounds and needed to shed more than half of his body fat in order to be healthy. Due to the fact that Kai was so overweight, it took him twenty minutes to climb a short flight of stairs in order to enter Pam’s home.

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The new proprietor was aware that it would be a lengthy and challenging process for Kai to get rid of his excess weight and resume his usual life. But in contrast to Kai’s previous owner, Pam did not give up on him at any point.

Pam does not hold his previous owners responsible despite everything that has happened. “I am not privy to any information regarding Kai’s past owners, and to tell you the truth, I feel that this is for the best. Because I don’t believe in publicly humiliating others, I’m not sure that “blame” is the appropriate term here. I am of the opinion that it is our responsibility as animal caregivers to assist animals in maintaining the highest possible level of health. That much is due to them from us. She remarked, “I believe that teaching people how to properly care for their animals through education is more effective than shaming or criticizing them.” Heartless Owner Demands Overweight Retriever Be Put Down, Vet Finds Him A New Loving Home
In order to improve Kai’s stamina and leg strength, his owner put him on a special canine diet and started him on water treatment. Pam decided to start keeping him active by walking with him three times a day. “At first, he was only able to advance a short distance before needing to sit or lie down. The result was that we traveled extremely little distances three times a day. But Kai didn’t give up either.

After some time, he was able to gradually increase the distance he could walk, as well as climb stairs and begin sprinting in the park. The advancement was extraordinary.

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“It was a lot more exciting to watch him recover his independence than it was to watch the statistics change. ” I never in my wildest dreams imagined that he would develop into such an active dog that is able to run, play, and take such pleasure in life as he does now. “He was 10 when he was surrendered, therefore he is now 11 and full of life,” Pam expressed how she felt when Kai started dropping weight. Kai had been 10 when he was surrendered.

After over a year of hard work, he was finally able to shed the excess weight and return to a normal, healthy, and happy state. Although at initially Pam was only providing him with temporary housing, she ultimately made the decision to become the dog’s permanent owner.

After all, it is quite evident that he is not a typical dog, but rather a genuine fighter. “Kai epitomizes what it is that we all find to be the good in this world: an unbreakable spirit and love that has no bounds. It would have been easy for him to wallow in his failures and give up, but he made the decision to instead seize the opportunity to improve himself. Everyone needs to have the mindset that they can get better. He has a really thankful spirit, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have someone like him in my life. I have officially become his adoptive mother, and he will spend the rest of his life with me. I am the one who got lucky.”

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