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This Cat Has A Majestic Fluffy Tail That Looks Squirrel-Like.


For the majority of us, autumn is the season of pumpkins, hot beverages, sweaters that make us feel warm and snug, and watching squirrels have fun frolicking in the leaves. Because of this, when we found out that there is a cat out there with a tail like a squirrel’s, we naturally were quite excited.

Meet Bell, a wonderful cat that has a fluffy tail that you will want to touch simply to feel how lovely it is. Bell’s name means “bell of the bells.” Because Bell’s owner also keeps other animals as pets, she is always in the company of other furry creatures, whether feline or canine.

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She has a soft and fluffy tail.

Just like a squirrel

The company that is Bell is owned by Rico. Over 153,000 people follow Rico Rico’s antics on Instagram, where they share photos and videos of their pet. I’m not going to sugarcoat it: Bell’s companions have the same endearing qualities. The films of them all goofing around together made us smile, and we enjoyed watching them.

Bell is a resident of Japan.

This is Bell, a Minuet cat.

Bell has reached the age of three and will be four years old in the month of May. She is a Minuet, sometimes referred to as a Napoleon cat since this breed is a cross between Persian and Munchkin cats (yes, there is such a feline breed). To put it another way, the combination of Persians and Munchkins has produced the Cat Emperor of France.

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