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Accidentally, A Horrific Photo Of A Woman’s Cat Is Taken


Sweet as sugar, Willie-Jean is one lovable kitty. There is just no avoiding it.

A recent photo taken at a bad time, however, gave the impression that she had undergone a complete transformation.

Willie-Jean was at home with Tiffany Miller and her daughter Sydney the other day when something strange happened. The curious cat had arbitrarily chosen a position above the sink in the kitchen. After a while, though, she began to notice something. Willie-awkward Jean’s reaction was spot-on. When they glanced over to her, Miller told The Dodo, “she had her head turned upside down, as if she were gazing at something.” Sydney snapped a photo, not realizing how crazy things were about to become. Willie-Jean looked around with a huge yawn on her face and her head still turned the wrong way.

“I just choked,” Miller said.


All of a sudden, the cute cat seemed more like a terrible beast.

The photo is “really the stuff of nightmares,” as Miller’s daughter put it.

What a horrible, ugly thing.

Willie-Jean may have temporarily assumed a demonic persona, but she quickly returned to her adorable self.

“It was completely out of the blue,” Miller said.



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