Dog is left by its owner on the side of the road, but the story has a happy ending due to the girl who filmed it. – Animals Nature Press

Dog is left by its owner on the side of the road, but the story has a happy ending due to the girl who filmed it.


A puppy that was tragically discarded by the side of the road had a happy ending thanks to a guy whose video of the event went viral.

Several weeks ago, a bicycle in Itabira, Brazil, observed a car abandon a tiny brown and white puppy on the roadside.

The girl who shot it went home to grab her vehicle so that she could take the dog with her, but when she got back, the puppy was nowhere to be seen. After many days of searching the region, she found nothing.
With the comment “I can’t stop thinking about the puppy,” she uploaded the clip to social media. I can’t tell whether he’s okay or not.


A lot of individuals, including a guy who lived close to where the dog had been left, shared her opinion. The dog’s predicament touched him, and he set out to find him. For two days, the good Samaritan looked for the missing dog. Even though Defato Online attempted to get in touch with him, the anonymous donor still wanted to maintain his anonymity. However, a video of the rescued dog playing with a family was just uploaded on WhatsApp, and it looks to take place in the family’s backyard.

So, folks, here is the puppy we rescued that’s stirring up a lot of controversy in Itabira, the narrator explains. The narrative affected us, so we decided to go after him. He is in good hands now. We’ve brought him here with us and provided him with food and whatever else he could need. Well, except for one little detail: the name.
According to the report, the family has appealed for the public’s aid in naming the dog. Which one do you like better: Pietro, Einstein, or Xerebebeu? In surveys, the name “Pietro” consistently ranks first.

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What should have been a tragic event has turned out to be cheerful because of the witness and the guy who kept trying to save the dog.


credits: newsweek

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