UPS driver who rescued pit bull following former owner’s now sees dog waiting for new owner every day. – Animals Nature Press

UPS driver who rescued pit bull following former owner’s now sees dog waiting for new owner every day.


If the narrative in the video down below is any indicator, the common belief that dogs and UPS carriers cannot get along is false. At this time, Katie Newhouser has worked with UPS for close to sixteen years.

She has probably met more dogs than she can remember in the course of her long career, but only one has ever really captured her heart.

“he would constantly start barking as I pulled into the apartment complex,” Katie said on Facebook. When I stopped, he always sprang into the driver’s seat of my vehicle.

At a spot Katie frequents, she unexpectedly meets Leo (at least a couple times a month). Tina, a kind and loving individual, has cared for Leo ever since he was a tiny puppy. Leo belonged to Tina. You might probably predict that Tina and Leo were quite close, and Katie could see that they were.


However, Katie learned the awful news that Tina had gone away while she was abroad when she was visiting Leo. Her son, a Marine, was given responsibility for the dog.

Katie and Leo developed a deep bond over the course of their time together, so she decided to approach the son about the potential of receiving a dog donation. Even though Katie already had six dogs in her care, she was certain that Leo would fit right in with the pack. They have finally come together as one happy, close-knit family.

She said he had adjusted nicely considering how bewildering it must have been for him at first. When it comes to his brother Moose, he and his sibling feel nothing but affection and awe. Even though his sister Bailey was slow to catch on, they are now playing. The moment Leo walked through the door, the whole mood of the home changed.

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credits: boredpanda

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