A shelter dog detected a familiar smell after spending more than two years there. – Animals Nature Press

A shelter dog detected a familiar smell after spending more than two years there.


When Pakita was taken to the El Arca Animal Partido de Mar Chiquita in Argentina, she had been discovered lost and roaming the streets. The volunteers fell in love with her almost immediately. In particular, a volunteer who goes by the name Silvia Ferreyra. In spite of her friendly disposition, prospective adopters consistently chose a puppy over her. It’s a shame, since she deserves a loving home.

Her life seemed to be a living hell. She sat in her kennel day after day. Pakita fell into a deep depression, withdrew from her friends, and became shattered in many ways. She was unable to eat very much, which led to her significant weight loss. The volunteers at El Arca expressed a great deal of worry.

Despite the volunteers’ best efforts over the course of two long years, they were unable to locate a suitable forever home for Pakita. They ultimately came to the conclusion that using social media to their advantage would be beneficial for Pakita, so they uploaded a picture of her along with her profile on Facebook. However, dealing with the situation as a whole was not an easy effort. Pakita would tremble and crouch in the corner, refusing to pose for a photo because she did not want her image taken. They were FINALLY able to obtain a shot that wasn’t terrible. In point of fact, it seemed like Pakita was putting on a smile!

Then, all of a sudden, a miracle occurred!


“Right away, we got a contact from a lady stating that her son had lost the dog and that he had been seeking for her!

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Ferreyra said this to The Dodo.

Ariel Naveira had given up all hope of ever seeing his puppy ever again. After all this time, Ariel was forced to come to terms with the fact that Pakita would never return home. However, his mother eventually gave him a call after viewing the post on Facebook. He couldn’t fathom that it was really her. However, he took precautions and visited the shelter the next day just in case.

Pakita was led out to meet Ariel by some volunteers, and although he immediately recognized her as being Ariel, Pakita was not so certain that it was indeed her. You can see from the video that she is nervous and unsure of herself, but as she continues to investigate the area, she comes to the conclusion that…

Pakita flops down on the floor, wagging her tail with enthusiasm as she waits for her favorite person in the whole world to give her some excellent belly rubs. Even though it had been two years, she still remembered that scent, that face, and that touch. After all that has been waiting, he has finally arrived for her! It’s like a fairytale come to life!

The reunion of Pakita and Ariel is certain to make you feel all kinds of feels. Watch the video below, and once you’re done, be sure to give your pet an extra-long and loving cuddle tonight.


Source: Arca Animal del Ptdo. de Mara Chiquita via The Dodo

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