A man wakes up to find a strange dog in his living room. He does not recognize the animal. – Animals Nature Press

A man wakes up to find a strange dog in his living room. He does not recognize the animal.


At four in the morning, Jack Jokinen was abruptly roused from his sleep. Saturday, as reported by his wife. As the parent of an infant one month old, he was accustomed to being awakened in the wee hours of the morning, but he realized right away that this was not the same.

“I was asleep when my wife jolted me awake, saying, ‘The baby’s OK…’ ‘However, we have a puppy at our house,'” the narrator says in the story. “However, we have a puppy at our house.” The Dodo cited Jokinen in an article. “It was evident that I was confused.”

Jokinen noted that the first thought that comes to mind is, “There must be someone in our house.” “So I do a security check to ensure that no one is hiding in closets or anywhere else,” and after I’m finished, I’m left wondering, “How did this happen? ” ’ ‘Is this a magical puppy? ’

As Jokinen descended the stairs, he became aware of a small Labrador retriever mix in his living room. He was at a loss to explain how the dog had managed to enter the house despite the fact that all of the doors and windows were properly shut against the storm that was occurring outside.


After walking his 2-year-old dog George for what would be the last time the night before, he returned home to watch the surveillance footage from the camera installed on his front entrance. Jokinen entered the room and appeared to close the door behind him before doing so, although the latch was not engaged. As the night progressed and the wind increased up, the front door was blown open completely.

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Jokinen continued by saying, “Then, around 3:16, we see the dog, whose we’ve called Suzy, strolling down the street and stopping in front of our house.” She had been standing in the wet and chilly weather, and before she went inside the home, she took a little break.

About a half an hour later, a random person walking by the house saw that the door was wide open as well. Before he shut the door, he gave everything a second look to make sure it was in good working order. If it weren’t for that, it’s possible that Suzy wouldn’t have stayed the night: “He didn’t understand there was a dog in the home that wasn’t ours,” Jokinen added. Suzy may not have stayed the night otherwise.

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