A woman assists a butterfly with a broken wing on its initial flight. – Animals Nature Press

A woman assists a butterfly with a broken wing on its initial flight.


Butterflies are among the most alluring of nature’s most exquisite animals. On the other side, Romy McCloskey has a justification for cherishing them more than others.

Years ago, Romy’s mother passed away from cancer. On the other side, her mother reassured her that she would live on in spirit.

“Don’t worry, Romy,” she reassured. Romy told The Dodo, “Whenever you see butterflies, just know that it’s me checking in on you to let you know that I’m OK and that I love you.”

Romy has decided to guarantee that there are more butterfly interactions in the world rather than depending only on them. Romy brings the caterpillars she finds in her garden inside so they may grow and transform away from predators.


She then lets them go.

Romy has reared and released several butterflies with success. One, however, has just recently emerged from his cocoon and is in need of help.

This butterfly has one side with damaged upper and lower wings. Although he appeared to be in good health, he would never be able to fly or survive by himself.

Romy stated, “I couldn’t face the notion of putting him down.” I made the decision to keep him in a cage and feed him till he died.

She suddenly had another idea, though.

After learning about the issue, Romy’s buddy emailed her a guide for repairing butterfly wings. A towel, a wire hanger, contact cement, a toothpick, cotton swabs, scissors, tweezers, and talcum powder were among the supplies she gathered.

Romy had managed to save the remains of another deceased butterfly. She would use this to create a transplant wing.

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Romy placed her fragile patient between a loop in the wire hanger and carefully cut away the damaged portion of his wings.

Although it can seem like an unpleasant procedure, it is not. Similar to getting a haircut, damaged wings need to be clipped to repair them.

Romy then carefully and accurately placed parts of the transplant wing into place using contact cement. Once the problem was resolved, a little dusting of talcum powder made sure that any undesirable stickiness around the borders was diminished as it dried.

After that, the butterfly was like brand new.

After a day of recovery from the operation and a substantial meal of nectar provided by Romy, the butterfly’s big moment finally arrived. For the first time, he had the opportunity to use his new wings outside.

Romy said, “I was afraid about him, but I encouraged him like any parent would urge their child to learn to ride a bicycle. I was startled and pleased to see him finish his first lap of the yard.

After that initial loop, the butterfly landed on a branch and flew away.

Romy said, “I was worried I’d have to take him back in when he came.” But just as I was about to grasp him, he bolted off and never came back. I was very happy. The adjective “happy” does not adequately describe it. I’m speechless right now. Without a doubt, I flew with him.

Romy will always have a special place in her heart for butterflies because of the solace they bring her. Therefore, it is only right that she offer them something in return. The world consequently gets more beautiful.

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With every one I release, Romy said, “I tell them I love them and wish them luck on their voyage. “Watching something grow and change right before your eyes is incredible.”


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