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The dog can’t believe it’s his dad when they’re reunited.


Willie, a young dog, was discovered abandoned as a puppy on Shane Godfrey’s front porch in the beginning of the previous year. Ever since that time, Willie and Shane have been pretty much inseparable, and that’s exactly how Willie wants it to be.

Recently, though, the adorable puppy must have been under the impression that he had irretrievably parted ways with his companion.

Godfrey was admitted to the hospital with a severe attack of the flu toward the end of February. After that, he had double pneumonia, and then subsequently, kidney failure, septic shock, and encephalitis as a result of the infection. The deterioration in Godfrey’s health was so severe that at some points in time, his physicians feared the worst.

According to what he shared with The Dodo, “They weren’t sure if I would make it for a long.”


Godfrey stayed in the hospital for a total of five weeks, and happily, during that time his condition started to get better. However, throughout that period of time, he had managed to shed a substantial amount of weight.

The near-death experience had taken its toll on Godfrey, to say the least, but his absence for all those weeks had also been taking its toll on Willie. Godfrey’s sister had taken the dog in, but it was impossible, of course, to explain to him where his best friend had gone.

That’s what made their recent reunion so very special. In fact, Willie could hardly believe his eyes that his owner was really home. (Fortunately, as you’ll see, Willie’s nose was more convincing.)

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Godfrey experienced the same feelings at that point, which allowed him to empathize with Willie and understand his puppy’s initial anxiety.

“I had lost 50 pounds in the hospital and am sure that I looked different,” he claimed. “I am positive that I looked different.” “At first, he was uncertain of me and growled at me, but as he came close enough to smell me, he recognized me right away, and he went completely wild with delight. Even after all these time, watching the video still brings tears to my eyes.

According to Godfrey, ever since his owner has returned, Willie has become even more adamant about never allowing him to get out of his sight again:

“Since I’ve been back at my house, he hasn’t moved an inch from my side.”


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