After 764 days apart, the father wonders whether the missing senior dog would recognize him once again. – Animals Nature Press

After 764 days apart, the father wonders whether the missing senior dog would recognize him once again.


Bosco, a Beagle-mix, had nine years under his belt when he vanished without a trace from his house in Westerley, Rhode Island. It would seem that the curious dog was able to free himself from his collar and wander about the neighborhood, but he was ultimately unsuccessful in his attempts to locate his way back home.

Dad Bill Ballato, who has a condition affecting his back, spent months seeking for his precious dog Bosco using missing dog posters and making personal enquiries, but he was unable to find any trace of his beloved pet. Bill was terrified that he would never have the chance to see his puppy again when he was forced to relocate to Lafayette, Colorado.

When people of Rhode Island finally identified Bosco from the missing dog posters, more than two years had elapsed since the canine had been reported missing for the first time. Bosco was homeless, but he had developed a crippling phobia of people as a result of his life on the streets.
Sheilah Graham, an employee at the Department of Homeland Security who often volunteers her time as a “pet detective” to locate lost animals, was made aware of the situation by the community members. Sheilah reached out to Bill to inquire more about Bosco’s situation. Soon after, she was able to successfully catch Bosco by setting a trap that had a variety of the items that he enjoyed eating the most.

Sheilah was aware of the fact that it was physically difficult for Bill to come and collect Bosco due to his infirmity. She joyfully offered to drive the 2,000 miles over the course of 36 hours to bring Bosco to Bill so that they could be reunited, since senior dogs like Bosco are not permitted on airplanes. During the journey that she had self-funded, the kind lady endured two snowstorms while driving and yet managed to take excellent care of Bosco.

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After 764 days, the senior dog finally encountered Bill, but he was so startled by the sight of him that he froze in place. The sad elderly man was terrified that his longtime friend wouldn’t recognize him in his current guise. But when Bill got up the strength to yell “Dude,” Bosco finally understood that he is once again in the arms of his loving father.

The joyful reunion for Bosco included his long-lost toys as well as his canine brother. We are indebted to the incredible Sheilah, who worked tirelessly to make this reunion a reality. This is without a doubt one of the most priceless family get-togethers that we have ever seen.

You may view a report on Bill and Bosco’s happily-ever-after reuniting by clicking the video that is provided below!


credits: Bosco’s Journey Home/Facebook

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