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Mistreated Street Dog Turns Into Adorable Puppy


To go to the basketball game, Jace rode his bike through a squalor-filled neighborhood and came upon a filthy stray dog. The best he could do at the time was to do all he could to make her safe.

He got in touch with his family through phone. Mission Paws’ible came to her aid after seeing that the homeless dog not only had her own little space, but also a human companion.

The rescuers attempted to corral “Lexi,” but she refused to enter the cage. After that, they attempted a slipknot, but she was too savvy for that.

Lucky for them, Lexi’s owner happened to be driving by and agreed to let them keep her. He grabbed her and stuffed her into the zoo aviary.

A quick trip to the groomer revealed some scratches and scrapes, but thankfully nothing too severe for the dog. Lexi found her permanent family quickly.


Michellina wanted to adopt another dog so that her two rescues could play together. She was scared that her two dogs wouldn’t get along, but after just a few days, Lexi and her new canine brother became inseparable.


credits: thedodo

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