After three years of wandering around a gas station, a scared stray dog finally found a loving home. – Animals Nature Press

After three years of wandering around a gas station, a scared stray dog finally found a loving home.


Unfixed female strays have additional challenges due to the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy and raising a litter of young while living on the streets.

The small stray dog in this tale had multiple litters of pups outdoors, and unfortunately, not all of them survived.

During her three tough years of roaming around a petrol station, Welsh Corgi mix Freya had given birth to a litter after litter.

Considering the danger of the area, it is not unexpected that so many of them were killed. The fortunate ones, however, were adopted by tourists in time to avoid harm.


After seeing her children go one by one, the poor mother was left all alone. Thankfully, a goodhearted young lady who had been paying her occasional visits and feeding her decided to contact a rescuer in the area.

As soon as Olena Pyanov, creator of Love Furry Friends, heard about that amazingly strong mother, she made the trip over there.

Gaining Freya’s trust is challenging due to the fact that she has been on her own for so long. Olena and the informant both made many attempts to catch the skeptic by offering food and other incentives, but to no avail.

Thankfully, the little dog’s struggle wore her out and she finally gave up.

Olena, with the assistance of a gas station attendant, warmly greeted Freya before helping her into her vehicle. They were on their way to the vet, and although the dog still shown some signs of anxiety, the owner’s enthusiasm was palpable. The radiance of hope lighted up her whole face.

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Olena brought Freya back to the apartment after having the dog neutered, vaccinated, and treated for parasites. It was clear that the child had grown much more satisfied to be loved and cared for in this nurturing environment than she had been before. And just take a look at that gleeful grin!

So many people were moved by Freya’s tale that she was adopted by a loving family. The dog, of course, is overjoyed. From then on, she would never again have to worry about where she would sleep at night.

See the heroic rescue unfold here:

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