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Dog brings his favorite toy to his crying little sister to calm her.


Early in July, when their infant Macie was discharged from the hospital, Nick Elliott and his wife brought her home. When they discovered that they would be introducing the infant to Tommy, a two-year-old Doberman, they were both ecstatic.

The parents expected the dog, who has always been excessively devoted and loyal to them, to behave similarly toward the new family member.

According to Nick, The Dodo:

He completely transforms when we have him around family, friends, and kids; he lowers himself to their level and just sleeps with them, letting himself to be caressed. He is so kind and compassionate, it must be his innate disposition.


Luckily, the first meeting between the dog and the child happened as planned, and the two were delighted to witness it.

Tommy was introduced to Macie after they had put him down on the couch and let his clothes to dry out.

Nick kept going:

When Macie was introduced, he showed a natural attention and kindness.

Everything seemed to indicate that he had welcomed her because he had yearned to get close to her ever since he first saw her but was afraid to touch her.

The family apparently began a new love affair at that time, but they were unaware that Tommy would pursue it further. The dog seemed to want to care for her too, and if his smaller sister needed anything, he appeared to be looking for ways to help and support her.

Nick stated:

She used to emit a sorrowful groan when she cried during the first few days, but now that she’s become used to all the varied sounds and smells, she doesn’t flinch. He visits frequently to see whether she’s okay and wags his tail a little.

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The most unexpected event, however, was about to happen when Tommy wanted to soothe his little sister after he overheard her sobbing into her bottle. While his mother was making a new bottle in the kitchen, the dog decided to calm Macie by giving him his favourite teddy bear.

At the time, nobody understood how the stuffed animal got so near to Macie, so when they saw the video on the baby monitor, they were shocked.

Nick remarked:

We watched the recordings after Hayley saw the teddy bear with the child and saw what he had done; he was waving his tiny tail!

The parents were surprised by the sweetness of the touching scene, but they also became aware that they had an additional caregiver for Macie.

Even though Macie has only been living here for a month, everyone is at ease since they are certain that her older brother will always make her happy.

CREDITS: Nick Elliott

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