Due of his size, no one wanted to adopt this shelter dog. – Animals Nature Press

Due of his size, no one wanted to adopt this shelter dog.


This shelter dog has been patiently waiting in a cage at Montgomery County Animal Services for a permanent family for more than three years.

The dog, Rudy, had previously been adopted by a family but was put back on the streets before being brought back to the shelter. Since then, volunteers have tried to find him a permanent home, but they frequently encounter the same objections from prospective adopters.

Suzanne Hollifield, the shelter’s parenting coordinator, stated to The Dodo:

Since his return to the shelter, Rudy has not yet found an adoptive family. The most common criticisms are that it’s too big, too old, and sheds a lot of hair.


Despite being an adult dog at age 6, Rudy still has a long life ahead of him due of his high level of energy. Rudy has the disposition of an older puppy; he likes to play with other dogs, go for walks, and ride in cars.

He also occasionally loves getting puppuccinos from Starbucks. He only requires a family to share his love with because he has so much to give.

Rudy is a content dog at the shelter, but due to his size, he need more space to play, run, and just be Rudy. The staff of the shelter is thus keen to find Rudy a good home as soon as possible and thereby completely change his life.

As Suzanne said:

“Rudi seems to be doing okay in the kennel for now, but he’s a big dog that needs more activity in a house with people and another dog before he starts to rot,” the owner said.

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The dog will probably need a house with a fenced yard and walkers as residents.

What many people miss is that every drawback of adopting Rudy has perks for his new family. The dog is big, so there is more room for cuddles, and it is a little older, so it is aware of the rules and will fit in with any household. Above all, they always think, “Who wouldn’t want to adopt it? It’s a cheerful, curious, and humorous animal. ”

Suzanne further noted:

“His ears are as big as his persona. Rudy is an idiot that loves both people and other dogs! It would be a great pet for a family looking for an adorable German Shepherd mix! ”

Rudy hasn’t had much luck finding a place to call home, but his friends and caregivers won’t give up until they do.

Suzanne further noted:

“His heart and love for this planet are important,” the speaker said. “He may lose some hair, be older, and larger.”

A recent shelter report stated that Rudy has recently been adopted. No other details are available, but we hope that this is the ideal family for this dog, who is only looking for the forever home he deserves.

CREDITS: Facebook/ Montgomery County Animal Shelter Texas

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