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Jake the British police horse won’t get out of bed till he has tea.


Tea is a popular beverage in the United Kingdom, and drinking it regularly is something that many people do as part of a routine.

It goes well with a variety of baked goods, including crumpets, scones, cake, and biscuits. Tea is traditionally consumed during the “tea break” that many people take at eleven in the morning, prior to the noon meal. However, many people also consume the hot beverage with their breakfast.

With the exception of this one exceptional law enforcement official, hay and tea are not typically served together. Jake, a police horse who is employed by the Mereyside Mounted Section in Liverpool, which is located north of London, will not get out of bed in the morning until he has his first cup of tea!

According to the officers, Jake won’t get up until he’s had his first cup of coffee, and he likes to take it with two sugar cubes, but he’ll unwillingly drink it with just one if he has to. The station posted pictures and videos of Jake lounging in his blue horse blanket and drinking his morning tea from a cup that was tucked into the hay at the bottom of his stall. The station also shared the story behind the photos and videos.

The unit tweeted, “Jakes refuses to get out of bed unless he is delivered a warm cup of @tetleyuk tea. Once he has consumed this, he is ready for the day.” Jakes is a character from the British tea brand Tetley.


After Jake had his first sip of tea and realized how much he enjoyed it, he decided to make it a regular part of his routine. After that, the 20-year-old police horse always made sure to have a cup of coffee in the morning before getting started on his hectic day.

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If given the opportunity, the hard-working horse will make an effort, while going about his business, to sip tea from the cups of other people if he is in the vicinity.

Jake will be leaving the Mereyside Mounted Police after 15 years of service and will be retiring in the following year. We believe that he ought to get himself a cup of tea if he expresses a desire for one. What, you don’t think so?

Source: dogdispatch.com

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