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Little Dog Is Overjoyed That His Birthday Was Remembered


When exactly did you turn 18? A lot of people were affected, therefore it had a tremendous impact. Turning that mystical number meant you were now a grownup, no longer a kid.

When a dog reaches the age of 3, it’s a lot like when a human does. No dog, no matter how old, may be considered a puppy after reaching the age of three. When a dog reaches the age of three, he is considered an adult.

Odin is a little dog with a small paw, a small ear, and a small tail that wags happily when he is pleased. Recently, though, on the birthday of the tiny dog, there was one thing about Odin that was anything but little.

His grin was not modest, however, on this particular day.

Gratitude for remembering this dog’s birthday brings a smile to his face – The Dodo


Joyce and her family have taken Odin in as one of their own. Since his adoption three years ago, Odin has never missed a day of showering his new family with endless amounts of love and attention.

“He’s a highly dependable friend. He is very affectionate and playful.

The Cetina family went all out for Odin’s birthday celebration earlier this month. In order to express their admiration and affection for him, they organized him a fantastic ss party.

The Cetinas decorated the house and had a dog-friendly cake delivered.

They then informed Odin of the unexpected development.

Knowing that his family feels the same way about him made Odin really happy.

There must be a happy birthday song, or otherwise it’s not a birthday.

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The doggy-friendly cake and festive decorations were only the beginning for Odin’s doting family.

He seemed bewildered at first. Joyce said, “He just doesn’t get it. “Then he realized that the cake was meant for him and everyone else was staring at him. The man was overjoyed.

The response from him was enthusiastic.

Odin was then presented with various gifts, which he delighted in receiving.

“Most of all, he appreciated all the slobbery hugs and kisses he got.”

It may have been Odin’s birthday (or the anniversary of the day they adopted him), but he and his family felt like the real winners.

Throughout the year, Joyce says, “Of course, Odin is adored and nurtured,” using the present tense. To us, though, it is significant since it marks the day he joined our family. To put it simply, he makes our lives better.


credits: dogfull

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