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A Woman’s Touching Reunion With Her Dog After 3 Months of Being Lost


Because our dogs grow to be an essential member of the family, whatever happens to them really impacts us, but more importantly, we adore them. On October 8, 2020, Sol Salum, an Argentine housewife from Baha Blanca, first experienced terror when she arrived home and could not recognize her favorite dog, Congo.

By taking advantage of several masons leaving the door open while they were working on a building project, Congo had seemingly fled his house.

Congo took advantage of the diversion while the front door was being repaired and hurried out without waiting for a response.

Sol informed Clarn that:


Due of how quickly he runs, they were unable to capture him. The dog was gone when I got back home.

The news devastated Sol, especially because Congo’s birthday was coming up soon. She started walking across the city in search of her closest buddy while setting up Congo cartels on each corner.

She posted pictures of her cat on numerous social media platforms to aid in the search and ensure his safe return.

They quickly started calling from numerous numbers and giving Sol information, but not always what he wanted.

Sol stated:

“Almost everyone in Bahia shared the picture. They called from everywhere, some assisting and some having fun.

Because Congo had a plaque hanging with all of her data in case it was lost, the lady thought that everything was just a matter of time. He also had a QR code, which when scanned with a smartphone showed all of Sol’s information and allowed him to swiftly get home.

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Unfortunately, what was intended to be a quick formality turned into a three-month ordeal as the days went by and Sol was unable to find Congo. On January 20 of this year, some 102 days after Congo vanished, Sol also learned of a stray dog.

When the woman got to her feet properly and started uploading the picture of her missing pet, she instantly saw a picture of a dog that was quite similar. According to the information, he was ten kilometers away and had been here for a week.

Even though Sol was already weary of fielding calls that had negative results, she made the decision to go have a look. She pulled into the driveway and parked before across the street to the house where the dog was supposed to be, but no one was there.

When a brown dog emerged to welcome a newcomer who resembled Congo, the woman was already discouraged.

Sol remarked:

“‘Congo!’ I yell at him. And he turned around right away. He just rushed up to me, urinated on me, and bit my face.

Unmistakably, it was their long-lost pet, and the reunion was marked by many tears, embraces, kisses, and expressions of appreciation.

The woman made the decision to take pictures of the intense situation and post them on various social media sites, which immediately moved everyone online. The woman found Congo, put him in her car, and drove him home.

Sol stated:

He slept out in the car periodically waking up terrified, but as soon as he seen me, he fell back asleep. A terrible 100 days had passed, but finally they were ended.

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Congo is glad to be home and has no intention of leaving again.

He occasionally gets excited at trash bags when out on a stroll and wants to stick close to Sol, but this is normal.

Thankfully, Sol and Congo’s suffering is over, but those who followed the story from the beginning will never forget it.

CREDITS: Sol Salum

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