A devoted Golden Retriever shields a crying girl from her mother’s reprimands. – Animals Nature Press

A devoted Golden Retriever shields a crying girl from her mother’s reprimands.


This video will melt your heart because it shows a golden retriever standing up for a young girl while her mother reprimands her.

Ms. Sun, the mom and also the person operating the camera, became upset when she discovered that her brand-new face cream had been ripped open and used as a toy.

” To tell you the truth, I was pretty unhappy. Ms. Sun, who is 32 years old, said in an interview with MailOnline, “I’d simply bought the cream, and half of it was already gone.” “My child started weeping because I was shouting at her in such a hostile manner,” I said.

Therefore, Harry placed himself in between them in an effort to protect the screaming girl from her mother.


In addition to that, it appeared like he growled at Ms. Sun in an effort to get her to back off. She stated that she discovered it to be “funny and disturbing at the same time.”

Ms. Sun asserted that her anger “melted away” as soon as Harry intervened in the situation.

It would appear that this is not the first time Harry has intervened to safeguard the safety of his young friend.

The mother continued, “Whenever we spoke to her in a harsh tone, he would come by and try to protect her with his paws.” This was a remark made by the mother of the child. It is said that “He would absolutely give his life to protect the youngster.”

Source: pawmypets.com
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