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The ‘broken’ dog’s smile doesn’t stop widening when he discovers he’s safe.


Those animals who are put through extreme adversity are more likely to give up on life because they believe there is no chance for them to be happy.

When Sanford was brought to a shelter in Texas, the employees there referred to him as a “broken dog.” He received a gunshot wound in his right leg in addition to being driven over by the vehicle.

He did not glance at any of the other people in the shelter as he remained in the far corner of the building.

Since then, though, he hasn’t stopped smiling ever since a foster parent brought him home and introduced him to the other foster dogs that she had.

According to his foster mother, Karen Velazquez, he is the happiest dog she has ever encountered.


Karen shared with The Dodo that “I am now on my 52nd foster, and I can honestly say that I’ve never had somebody as joyful as he is.” “I am currently on my 52nd foster,”

“He stares at me in a manner that no other animal or person, including my own pets, has ever looked at me in the past or ever will look at me in the future. The only times you will ever see him without a smile are when he is sleeping or when he is eating.

Animal control authorities discovered him on the side of the road after he had been struck by a vehicle. He also had a gunshot wound in the right hind leg when they found him.

He was transferred to a modest shelter in Dallas, but due to a lack of available resources, he did not get any kind of medical attention there.

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Thankfully, a volunteer with the neighborhood dog rescue organization Dallas DogRRR saw Sanford and realized she needed to assist right away.

“He was emotionally and physically shattered… Kerry Anechiarico, the executive director of Dallas DogRRR, shared with The Dodo that when a volunteer went to meet him, the dog “didn’t really make any attempt to come and say hello.” “It’s almost as if he had given up and was simply waiting for his time to arrive,” the narrator says.

After receiving the necessary medical attention, he was then brought to the house of his foster mother, Karen, where he transformed into a new dog.

“Ever since then, he has been beaming with happiness,” she added. “I believe that the moment he arrived at my house, he recognized that he was in a secure location.”

Karen affectionately refers him Sanford as “Sanfee,” and he is now having the time of his life, enjoying home-cooked meals, daily walks, and the company of his new canine friends.

The dog, who is now 10 years old and still very energetic, is looking for a permanent place to call home.

“He reminds me of the elderly guy who would visit you at the nursing home. Kerry remarked that despite being 95 years old, the man acted more like he was in his 50s.

She went on to say that “He’ll be a fantastic family dog.” “He’ll get along well with other dogs as well as people of any kind. He even performs nicely with youngsters.”


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