To release a dog trapped inside, a man throws a large rock at a BMW’s window. – Animals Nature Press

To release a dog trapped inside, a man throws a large rock at a BMW’s window.


Over the weekend, a guy from Ontario repeatedly hurled a sizable rock at a car’s glass before breaking it. But the man was a concerned Good Samaritan, not a thug or a hooligan.

The man continued tossing the rock till the glass cracked while others watched and cried out “oh my God.”

After smashing the glass, he climbed inside the black BMW and removed a little white puppy that had been left inside. The audience applauded when they spotted the dog.

When the rescue was taking place, Will Costa was in the parking lot and recorded a video of the Good Samaritan in action, which has now gone viral. He saw the incident while visiting a music festival in Grand Bend, Ontario.


On June 12, 2016, the mercury rose to 91 degrees Fahrenheit (33 degrees Celsius), which is far too warm for a pet left alone in a hot car and is more than warm enough to induce heat stroke.

Costa claims that measures were done to get in touch with the police and the car’s owner. When he began breaking the window, a decent period of time had passed after the police had been contacted and the BMW owners had been asked to come to their car, according to Costa, speaking to the London Free Press.

According to Costa, the car’s owner arrived 50 minutes after the dog was let free.

After drinking some water, the dog was OK. The Ontario SPCA was also made aware of the circumstance, and they are currently looking into it.

Given the circumstances, the owner “had no reservations as to his damaged car,” according to the police, who said they had spoken with him.

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The Good Samaritan probably won’t be charged with anything for breaking the window.

Watch the video below to see the happy dog being set free.

Please tell your loved ones not to leave dogs in hot automobiles by sending them this video!../



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