A woman removes a stray dog off railroad tracks just before a train arrives. – Animals Nature Press

A woman removes a stray dog off railroad tracks just before a train arrives.


When Nina Love saw a Facebook post about a grey and white pit bull being tossed into a park close to the railway lines, she realized there was no time to spend. She grabbed her possessions and asked a nearby acquaintance and fellow rescuer for assistance.

On the railroad tracks, the enormous dog was simple to see, but it didn’t make her simple to catch. Love told The Dodo, “I followed her for three miles along the railroad tracks, my adrenaline was pumping.” Since trains run every 10 to 15 minutes, I knew the train was approaching shortly since it passed just before she rushed aboard them.

Love knew she was risking her life, but as she looked into the dog’s eyes, she realized she couldn’t give up.

Love recalled, “I was trembling in terror, but I wanted to save her because I looked in her eyes and she was pleading for assistance. “She was merely terrified, so I waited and maintained my distance.


Teddy, Love’s friend’s dog, had accompanied her, and having another dog around seemed to put the stray pit bull in a better mood.

We stooped down, and my companion talked to her as Teddy approached, Love said. She was initially wary, but my friend held her until I got there and could leash her.

A train approached the group while they were still on the rails. Fortunately, they were able to quickly get out of the path. Love stated, “The train came seconds after [we] caught the dog, and our adrenaline was so high we didn’t even hear the horn.”

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You can see the incredible rescue here:

Love broke down in tears due to the enormous sense of relief that they were all safe. Love stated, “It was quite emotional.”

Love puts forth a lot of effort to assist stray dogs in Philadelphia, visiting neighborhood dumps and responding to calls and messages on social media from locals. Adore remarked, “I want to let people know that it’s okay to love animals. “Since we all live on this planet, we should learn to get along with one another.”

Love said, “Because I work in this industry, I’ve faced countless obstacles and have [got] racial threats. However, I will continue to be strong for them since they need our help.

Love is still looking for a patient foster to help the sweet stray decompress after her ordeal. After everything the pup has been through, Love is helping her finally get the care she deserves.

She walks nicely on the leash and enjoys meatballs as treats, according to Love. The most essential thing to remember is that she adores being petted and deserves a second shot at life.


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