A touching scene occurs in a hospice as a dy.ing woman says goodbye to her pets and horse. – Animals Nature Press

A touching scene occurs in a hospice as a dy.ing woman says goodbye to her pets and horse.


A woman who was nearing the end of her life wished to see her closest friends one final time, and her desire was granted. Over a month has passed since Jan Holman was last able to spend time with her cherished Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Monty and Rowley, as well as her horse, Bob.

She had been admitted to a local hospital for several weeks when she was finally transferred to The Hospice of the Great Shepherd, where she was greeted with an amazing surprise.

The compassionate staff made arrangements for all three of Jan’s pets to visit with her.

In a press release, the Deputy Ward Supervisor at the Hospice, Louise Saville King, made the following statement: “It was obvious when Jan first came to us that she is passionate about her animals and that horses have played a large part in her life for a number of years.” Jan has owned horses for a number of years. We considered it to be of the utmost significance to make every effort and set things up so that Bob could pay a visit to Jan.

Jan was rushed to the hospital without having the opportunity to say her final goodbyes to her cherished animals, and she passed away unexpectedly. She imagined that she would be able to see her dogs for the very last time, but she never imagined that she would be able to see Bob again.


The moment she saw her dependable friend, a smile spread across her face.

Because she was unable to get out of bed on her own, she was transported on a wheelchair to the patio, where Bob was anxiously waiting for her arrival.

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A number of people from Thornleigh Park Farm Stables, where Bob is kept in livery, escorted him into the Hospice yard for what turned out to be a very emotional reunion between the horse and the biker. “Hospice of the Good Shepherd wrote that Bob put his head through the doors, nuzzled Jan’s neck and lap, and really enjoyed his snacks of carrots, bananas, and apples.” Bob also “stuck his head through the doors and nuzzled Jan’s neck and lap.”

Hospice of the Good Shepherd

Having the opportunity to say goodbye to her cherished animals brought Jan indescribable joy. She remarked, “I simply am unable to fathom what the staff members here at the Hospice have actually accomplished for me.” Up until a few weeks ago, I still rode Bob on a daily basis. Since he plays such a vital role in both my professional and personal life, I have actually missed him quite a bit. I was aware that it was possible to make arrangements for my dogs to visit the Hospice because we had a neighbor who was a patient there a few years ago, and we were granted permission to bring the dogs to see her. However, I did not anticipate that they would ever be able to provide me with the opportunity to see Bob again.

Although the couple has always been supporters of Hospice, Dennis has stated that they “never in our wildest dreams imagined that we would require the services ourselves.” The employees go above and above to ensure that Jan is satisfied at all times.

The heartfelt scene that was posted on Facebook caused many people to become overcome with emotion and start crying. One of the individuals who was present at the event and heard it firsthand remarked, “I was fortunate to view this and hear Bob talking.” Because of this, I believe that when things in your life are at their worst, the hospice is the best place you could ever be.

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Hospice of the Good Shepherd

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