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Emotional moment: Owner discovers his missing Puppy on the street after three years


In a touching scenario, a man is reunited with his long-lost dog

A dog’s owner looked for him for for three years before giving up hope of ever finding him. Luck was on his side, and they were reunited in the end.

Since Jorge was a little pup, Tbilisi, Georgia resident Giorgi Bereziani and his dog have been inseparable.

One day, however, the faithful dog disappeared, and no matter how hard his owner tried, he couldn’t seem to locate him.

Though weeks and months passed with no sign of Jorge, Giorgi never gave up hope and continued searching for his buddy.


Giorgi spent three years scouring the streets of Tbilisi for Jorge, posting posters and never giving up his hunt.

His efforts were successful, and they were reunited. All it takes is a look at the footage to see that this is a very touching moment.

An employee at the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Tbilisi contacted Giorgi to tell him he had seen a dog matching Jorge’s description, and the man hurried over there in the hopes that it was the dog he was looking for. Thank goodness he was correct!

The 62-year-old guy told THE DODO, “We looked for three years.” Then we located him, and…”

Reunited at last, the two were overcome with emotion. The poor dog went into a full-on panic when he discovered the stranger approaching him was really an old buddy.

As if he couldn’t believe it, Giorgi’s dog welcomed him with a wagging tail, showing how happy he was to see his owner again.

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View the heartwarming family get together here:

While Jorge’s whereabouts over the last three years remain a mystery, the yellow tag removed from his ear indicates that he was taken up by animal control at some time.


credits: thedodo

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