After years of negIect led to no one wanting her, and now she’s miserable because of it. – Animals Nature Press

After years of negIect led to no one wanting her, and now she’s miserable because of it.


Delilah was a pitifully neglected little puppy who was taken against her will to a local refuge. The little dog was scared when she first arrived, which is reasonable considering all she had ever known was indifference.

She was given to The Mr. Mo Project, a nonprofit, because she was an older puppy. Over the years, the rescue, which is headed by Chris and Mariesa Hughes of Clifton Park, New York City, has taken in a good number of senior dogs, writes

But nothing could have prepared Chris and Mariesa for what they were about to see. Poor Delilah was having a terrible day. She struggled to walk because her hair was so badly matted that it was cutting off the blood supply to her leg.

As if things could get much worse, the nasty dog was struggling while really carrying a fractured jaw. Since it had obviously not been properly treated, it failed to heal, and none of her teeth were in the right alignment. She could hardly eat because of this.

She was brought home by Chris and Mariesa, who immediately welcomed her into their hair family. It quickly became apparent that Delilah was actually a very lovely dog below her fearful demeanor.

Chris told The Dodo about her state of health, saying, “It really blew my mind simply how someone might have a dog akin to her. Just in such terrible shape.


Despite their best efforts, Delilah’s foster family found it difficult to care for her because of her health problems. All of her teeth had to be pulled out, and she ultimately had to have her front leg amputated. However, after her procedures, she experienced a protracted recuperation. However, it was a fresh start, and little Delilah really flourished!

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Delilah’s personality started to emerge even without her front limb, according to Mariesa, and even on three legs she ended up becoming a “very diverse dog.”

The little puppy rapidly started to feel like a real member of the family. Chris and Mariesa decided to adopt the tiny dog as a member of the family because they couldn’t imagine living without her. The pair also had a sweet little ceremony for the young Delilah by giving her a collar of her very own—one that was, of course, pink! Her furry brothers and sisters were thrilled to welcome her into the family as she was being given her collar as a formal member of the family.

She may not have believed it was possible, but she is now the dog she always wanted to be, Mariesa continued.

She was a scared, shy, and depressed girl when we got her, the happy family wrote on Instagram after fostering her. She is currently feisty and gorgeous, and she tries to ‘help’ me by correcting the large dogs when they misbehave. She keeps an eye out from behind the sofa or directly above my pillow.

We are very happy that Delilah has finally found the devoted family she deserves.


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