A stray dog wags her tail at everyone she sees in hopes of being adopted. – Animals Nature Press

A stray dog wags her tail at everyone she sees in hopes of being adopted.


Stray dogs face constant risk as they attempt to make it through their days.

Lek Lek was a small stray dog who lived on the chilly streets of Nuwara Eliya. He never knew when his next meal would arrive, but despite his dire circumstances, the canine maintained his cheerful disposition and dogged pursuit of a loving home.

Lek Lek, a street dog in Sri Lanka, was rescued by Lek Chailert and others from the Elephant Nature Park after she spent years living on the streets and wagging her tail in the hopes that someone would notice her.

The crew was in Nuwara Eliya as part of an elephant research expedition and came upon the puppy at Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary in Thailand for elephants rescued from various conditions and challenges.

A YouTuber said, “In the market through fee, where hundreds of people pass, we observed a tiny dog wagging her tail at passersby, encouraging people to pay notice of her.”


They were in a rush, so they barely patted the small dog before walking away, but Lek wouldn’t let himself be left behind.

While the gang did eventually bring the dog back, she eventually began following them around and could not be left alone.

Because to this doggedness, the dog’s life was spared.

She started following us and went a fair distance before we picked her up and took her back to where we’d initially met. She persisted in following us till her doggedness finally won us over.

Even though they were far from home, the group still attempted to find the puppy a new home by asking strangers if they would be interested in adopting it. When no one they asked was interested, they finally thought to ask someone near by.

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The party’s driver, a guy called Thushara, agreed to take care of the puppy; the dog’s determination paid off, and she was adopted into a loving home; the members of the group gave her the name Lek Lek and said their goodbyes.

The dog’s owner treated her to a fresh blanket and wash while she stayed at the hotel, and the loving animal slept better than she has in a long time.

Lek Lek was happy in her new home and became very close to her father; her search for a permanent family had come to an end.

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