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Adorable Scene Is Caused By An Impatient Dog In A Starbucks Drive-Thru


When it comes to getting her “coffee,” this enthusiastic puppy can never get it quick enough.

And she’s not at all embarrassed to confess it.

Texas Starbucks drive-thru patron Billie Lynn Reed recently had an intriguing incident take place in front of her. Dogs were waiting inside the next vehicle up for their Puppuccinos, or cups of whipped cream for canines.

That was far too lengthy for one of the dogs in front of Reed, even if they couldn’t possibly take more than a second or two to create.


As you can see, this dog decided to create a lovely little tableau rather than wait in the car:

In the end, the dog’s owner managed to get her back into the car, but not before she had made Reed’s day with her antics.

“When I looked up, I said, “OMG. Lol, she wrote, “I was rolling. So, as you are aware, I had to document it in order for it to occur.

Credits: Paws Daily


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