Mom gives the dog her coat so he can stay warm while waiting outside. – Animals Nature Press

Mom gives the dog her coat so he can stay warm while waiting outside.


People who own dogs treat their pets with the same level of attention and affection they give to their own children.

Kristina Hollie saw a friendly dog out with his owner doing errands on a chilly day in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the two were ready to enter the post office when the lady was informed that dogs are not permitted inside

When the dog’s owner was forced to leave him outside the post office and go inside without him, she tied her pet to a tree and wrapped her jacket over the shivering animal.

The dog waited patiently as his mother wrapped the jacket over him, clearly worried that he might feel chilly while waiting for her inside the post office.


They had a cute head bump before his mum started walking inside the post office. She stood up and went by me, and I immediately told her that what she had done was really lovely and considerate,” Hollie said. When I thanked her, she said, “Thank you!” I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable!

There was a lot of wind and it was freezing outside. I could tell he was nervous because of the way he was shivering. She apparently also noticed, as she removed her jacket and placed it over the puppy. Kristina Hollie speculated for The Dodo that “maybe she believed he would kick it off, so she leaned down and zipped it up around him.”

As more people saw the dog in his jacket, they couldn’t help but take photographs of him, and some even patted him on the head.

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Hollie saw that “two or three others” had passed by him and remarked on how “extremely adorable” he was and how “quite warm” he seemed.

Seeing the lady take such wonderful care of her pet warmed Hollie’s heart, and she felt encouraged to know that there are still amazing nice humans in the world despite the fact that she had to leave the dog behind when her bus arrived.


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