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Little Stray Dog Killed by Animal Fights Bravely to Survive


When Bitty was plucked from the streets in the middle of August, her rescuers were baffled as to how she was even still capable of walking. This is due to the small dog’s horrific mauling, which weighed just 4 pounds.

“We have no idea how she became sick. Coyote? Hawk? Dogs? However, she is damaged in several areas, according to a Facebook post from Lola’s Lucky Day Rescue. They were aware of her fierce determination, nevertheless. We know this tiny Bitty is a warrior even at barely 4 pounds.

The Texas-based dog rescue saw the dog’s skinned head and back leg right away, along with her severely damaged eyes. She also had several puncture wounds. Additionally, they were aware that Bitty would require more treatment than a “regular ER vet can manage,” so they drove Bitty to Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic (TAMU) right away so that their soft tissue experts could attend to her “horrific wounds.

Bitty’s treatment will cost up to $15,000, more than Lola’s Lucky Day could afford, but they said, “she is alert and we cannot euthanize her only because of cash.”


Bitty received a blood transfusion and had her wounds cleansed during her first several days at Texas A&M. She was given a sedative so she could rest and sleep. However, she was “alert and fighting” while she was awake.

Despite Bitty’s great hunger, technicians must be concerned about refeeding syndrome due to her body score rating of 1 out of 9. She could not see out of either of her injured eyes, according to the vets.

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The little fighter had a rest and relaxation day on day three. She had a large appetite in addition to using the restroom outside.

After a week, “Bitty is doing wonderful still,” according to Lola’s Lucky Day. “She has everyone at TAMU wrapped around her little paw,” they said. extremely healthy eating toileting while her breaks

Her rescuers are overjoyed with the treatment she is receiving after undergoing reconstructive surgery for her skin. Bitty is now receiving top-notch veterinarian treatment. There is no better environment than being surrounded by the top experts in soft tissue and ophthalmology.

Bitty underwent successful bilateral enucleation surgery on her eyes on August 24.

She had a lot of energy when she woke up, according to Lola’s Lucky Day. She was making everyone at TAMU laugh this morning by rushing around her pen.

Lola is in good spirits now that her skin injuries are healing and her eye surgery went well!

She will remain in the hospital for the time being so that medical professionals can monitor her most recent flap operation. Her rescuers stated, “We hoped she might go Saturday but her most recent flap operation was not looking as we wanted it to. She is currently waiting until the skin manifests itself at TAMU. If not, they will discuss their findings on Wednesday, and we could then resume allowing the wound heal naturally like we did with many of the other dogs we have treated medically.

Lola has come a long way considering the state she was in only a few short weeks ago. A testimony to her tenacity as well as to the excellent care she is getting.

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Credits; Lola’s Lucky Day


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