City workers are hailed for saving a puppy that was about to be tossed out with the trash at the last minute. – Animals Nature Press

City workers are hailed for saving a puppy that was about to be tossed out with the trash at the last minute.


An alert trash guy in east Columbus, Ohio, discovered the terrified puppy hiding behind a dumpster last week, saving it from an almost certain demise.

The Columbus Department of Public Service expressed gratitude to one of their Division of Refuse workers for saving the sad dog from being placed onto a truck by discovering it first.

James Day’s Unsplash page

According to their post, a dog was struggling to escape from under a pile of rubbish while Dave Carlson was emptying dumpsters at an apartment complex.


Logan Sieg, his boss, was notified right away. Sieg arrived on the site and sifted through the rubbish to find the dog.

Sieg brought the puppy to a secure area and gave the pet dog water and peanut butter crackers while he waited for someone from the Franklin County Dog Shelter to take up the abandoned puppy.

Fortunately, the dog is reportedly “doing wonderfully” and will soon be adopted by a family.

I can’t even image what would have become of this dog if it wasn’t for Dave Carlson and Logan Sieg. We appreciate these two men for saving this helpless dog.

I sincerely hope that whoever dumped this puppy is held accountable.

Thank you for sharing about these two heroes!


Credits: The City Of Colombus Pepartment Of Public Services

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