The touching moment when a baby deer fell in love with his re.scuer and refused to leave his side! – Animals Nature Press

The touching moment when a baby deer fell in love with his re.scuer and refused to leave his side!


This is such a precious little fawn, thank you for your kindness and patience with it, as well as for helping to reunite it with its mother!

The lovely young deer got caught in a fall course, but happily, two workers who were working on the powerline saw him and were able to save his life. Some of the men even rubbed his stomach in an effort to ease his discomfort and make him feel more at ease. However, amazingly, the young deer did not want to let go of the man’s arms because he was having so much fun there.

The following is a statement made by Justin Lewis, who is from Kentucky. Just as quickly as he and his friend released the confused fawn, Justin immediately scooped him into his arms and offered him a session of snuggling to comfort him and assist him in relaxing, writes
But as it turned out, the animal that was spared had a lot of affection for it, so much so that he [refused] to leave Justin’s side. The sweet little creature remained in close proximity to the people who came to his rescue for almost an hour. Then, after some time had passed, he was eventually reunited with his anxious mother.

Extremely Adorable, feeling secure in the arms of her saviors.

Many thanks are due to them for rescuing the young deer and seeing to it that it was returned to its mother.


I am overjoyed that the mother was located and is now caring for her daughter. We sincerely hope that the hunters would give these lovely dogs a chance to life.

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