The re.scued dog finally closed her eyes for the first time in her life as she curled up next to her human’s body. – Animals Nature Press

The re.scued dog finally closed her eyes for the first time in her life as she curled up next to her human’s body.


A magnificent canine who was subsequently given the name Bella lived out her entire life in a local animal shelter.
The dog sanctuaries in Romania are very different from those found in the United States. In most cases, the dogs are kept outside, and the solutions are not entirely satisfactory. Because of the widespread poverty in Romania, animal shelters do not receive sufficient amounts of food donations, and as a result, the dogs do not consume the amount of food that they should.

Bella suffered from malnutrition and anxiety. She had never been loved or even held in anyone’s arms. The thought of going to the shelter was demoralizing to her. You will definitely be able to see in the video that is located below that a rescue group in Romania known as Howl Of A Dog got Bella from the animal shelter so that they could find her a permanent home.

The saviors, along with beautiful Bella, make a beeline for the local veterinarian. The look of complete tranquility can be seen on her face as she relaxes in the car with her newly made human friend. As she is being shown affection, she is aware that significant changes are on the horizon for her life.


Bella was worn out to the point of collapse. The people who rescued Bella were advised by the workers at the shelter that she hardly ever slept. It was difficult for her to relax and believe that she was safe while she was confined in her kennel. As she is being stroked, she begins to close her eyes as she sits there. It’s amazing to see her finally letting her guard down.
After that, Bella does something that is so endearing to everyone. She places her directly on the lap of the person who rescued her. She is able to catch some rest on the way to the animal hospital where they are making an appointment with the doctor. The woman sitting next to her seems sweet and unruffled, and the atmosphere in the car is serene and peaceful. This was one of Bella’s prerequisites. For a dog, nothing is more important than a genuine sense of safety.

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Since the time that this video clip was shot, Bella has successfully located her permanent home and is currently leading a happy life. Please spread the word about this quick movie clip and Bella’s story. Everyone out there has a responsibility to help a sanctuary dog through his or her initial moments of calm. Providing permanent homes for dogs that are currently being cared for in sanctuaries as they wait for their forever families.


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