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A Heartbreaking 7-Word Note Is Left Behind, Tying An Older Puppy To A Sleigh.


When you choose to adopt or buy a dog, you make a commitment to providing for their needs and showing them love for the rest of their lives. Some people, nevertheless, do not understand this. When a pet is young and exuberant, some people adore them, but when it comes time to provide them special care, they abandon them.

They choose the worst course of action for their senior dogs because they don’t want to deal with their troubles.

It’s heartbreaking to think that someone may desert their best friend because they decide it’s not worth battling for them.

A wagon with Perry, a 10-year-old dog, attached to it was abandoned with a touching note explaining his condition.


Workers at the Cazenovia, New York-based Wanderer’s Rest Humane Association animal shelter came one morning to a tragic find.

They decided to get closer to see what it was after spotting a sleigh with an odd object inside in front of the main door.

Upon further inspection, they learned the awful truth: there was a dog hitched to the sled that had apparently been abandoned by someone. Evidently, they left him here the previous evening with a cup of water and a note outlining the dreadful truth.

The notification said:

“About ten years. can’t walk much longer.”

Despite the fact that he had been a medical dependant on his family for many years and had lived with them, they had no concerns about leaving him there. Despite the fact that the poor puppy was confused, didn’t understand what was happening, and may have wanted to go back to his family, the reality remained that he had been abandoned.

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Thankfully, there are organizations like Wanderer’s Humane Associate, who welcomed the abandoned puppy and gave him the name Perry right away.

The shelter’s staff was sorry to see the handicapped puppy abandoned, but they promised to do all in their power to help him recover and have a better life.

The rescue group’s coordinator, Mason Groesbeck, told WSYR-TV:

He was immobile, which really disturbed me.

They made the decision to publish a picture of Perry on Facebook and take him to the vet for a routine checkup. They expected someone to find it and, as a result, track down the previous owners so that legal action could be taken.

The Facebook post states:

“If anybody knows this dog, please phone us right away; he was left outside of our shelter at some point throughout the night, connected to the sled,” the advertisement reads.

In addition, the shelter utilized the piece to raise awareness, stating that there was no need to give up your pet if you needed our direct assistance.

Any animal should never be subjected to such a heinous act of cruelty, especially if it is disabled or unable to move.

The story of Perry was also used to raise money for all of the medical care she requires to recover and go on with her life. Soon after, Perry shattered the hearts of tens of thousands of Internet users who couldn’t fathom why anybody would have left him to his destiny.

Donations started to pour in from all around the world, and medical professionals swiftly amassed the money needed to pay the surgeries needed to enable him walk once more.

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Perry benefited much from the generosity of others. With some tender loving care, medication, and physical therapy, he eventually regained his ability to walk.

Over the next several days, Perry made tremendous progress in his recovery and was taken in by his physiotherapist, who supposedly treated him to a variety of toys.

On the other hand, they managed to locate Perry’s previous owner, who has been charged with neglecting to give veterinarian care, but the investigation is still ongoing.

The animal sanctuary updates Facebook to let interested parties know how Perry’s recuperation is going. They also constantly utilize Perry’s story to teach others about the responsibility and care that should be given to a pet.

When Perry is ready, he will be put for adoption, but for the time being, he is satisfied with his foster family. Perry received the help he needed.

CREDITS: Facebook/ Susie Schond-Salvage


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