After 11 years on the streets, a deaf dog wakes up and realizes that he is at last safe. Here’s how. – Animals Nature Press

After 11 years on the streets, a deaf dog wakes up and realizes that he is at last safe. Here’s how.


The life that Solo has had is one that no other dog should ever have to endure. He was on his own and had to fend for himself while living on the streets of Los Angeles for over a decade. Solo’s health deteriorated throughout the years, and by the time he reached old age, he was no longer able to compete with other canines.

After some time, exhaustion and weakness forced him to stop walking, and he eventually collapsed on a woman’s front porch. After the lady found him, she decided to give him the name Solovino, which means “he came alone” in Spanish, and she contacted Rocket Dog Rescue for assistance.

The rescue organization transported him on a flight to San Francisco, where he was placed with a foster family. Sadly, Solo was adopted out several times; nevertheless, he was always brought back due to circumstances that were not his fault.

When Carol Messina spotted a photo of Solo online one day, she immediately felt compelled to do whatever it took to protect him.


According to a statement made by Messina to The Dodo, “When I saw him and realized how unhappy he was, I knew he was going to remain with me forever no matter what.”

Because of his history, Solo was quite reserved and still did not put his entire faith in other people. He didn’t respond in the usual way to the people around him, and he cringed every time someone caressed him. He also didn’t like being touched.

However, Messina quickly realized that this was less of a trust issue and more of a hearing impairment on the other party’s part. It was discovered that Solo had a hearing impairment that was far worse than anybody had anticipated; in fact, he was almost deaf. This helps to explain why he would flinch whenever anybody touched him; he didn’t like it when people would sneak up on him when he couldn’t hear them approaching.

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Additionally, his teeth were in extremely poor condition and caused him a great deal of discomfort. Thank goodness for Messina, who paid for the dental procedure that was required to correct his teeth; after that, he was like a whole different dog! It was clear that the discomfort was influencing not just the way he appeared but also the way he behaved.

Today, Solo is a very content dog who takes pleasure in exploring his surroundings and even making friends with other dogs with whom he may engage in playful interaction. Messina has also developed new strategies to alleviate the concerns brought on by his hearing loss.

Because he is deaf, he has to wear a harness that says “deaf dog” whenever they go on a walk so that strangers won’t touch him without first asking. When Messina enters a room, she turns the lights on and off quickly so that he can anticipate her arrival and avoid being startled by her sudden entrance.

Because of Messina, Solo still has a great deal of vitality in him despite the fact that he is becoming older. He will never have to worry about having to worry about having to live on the streets ever again since he will now get to spend the rest of his life in a loving family.

According to what Messina said to The Dodo, “I’m quite pleased of his improvement.” “It is the finest thing I have ever done with my life, and he has motivated me to adopt additional older dogs that require hospice care.” “It is the best thing I have ever done with my life.”

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source: The dodo

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