When the dog hears the baby’s cries, she brings mom what she needs. – Animals Nature Press

When the dog hears the baby’s cries, she brings mom what she needs.


Remus is a loving 10-year-old pit bull who was bought by his parents six years ago from the Flagler Humane Society. The dog is incredibly spoiled, has never been around kids, and enjoys being the center of attention. But now that his new human sister has arrived, Remus has brought Mom just what she needs to comfort her whenever he overhears her sobbing.

Prior to being a member of his present family, Remus had a difficult existence, but with to his parents’ love, he was able to overcome it. When Liz Graffagnino Taft and her husband took Remus home from the hospital, they were unsure of how he would respond. However, everything turned out better than they could have anticipated.

Liz stated to The Dodo:

“When his owner was sentenced to prison, he was used in dog fighting and sent to a shelter. Before we received him, he had been adopted twice and sent back to the shelter both times for being “too sticky.”


Liz focused on helping Remus get past his fear, separation anxiety, and dog-dog reactivity. His prior existence caused him to go through a lot of trauma. Remus gradually transformed into a delightful and endearing boy over the course of several months, and she felt confident it was worthwhile.

Remus’ reaction to the family when they brought the newborn home from the hospital worried them a little, but everything went smoothly. The Pitbull has always loved his sister.

Liz recalls:

“At first, we were hesitant due to his size. He thus approached her through the door and calmly licked her through it. He saw right away that he needed to treat her carefully.

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Remus was immediately enamored with his new sister and recently made the decision to take on more responsibilities to help with the baby’s care. The sweetheart utilizes the designated pillow to nurse whenever he hears the baby cry while his mother is trying to comfort his smaller sibling.

Liz likewise said:

He always lays at my feet and kisses the back of her head while she cries as I nurse her.

The mother of Remus claims:

“We grab the pillow when she cries and hug her till she stops screaming. She had sobbed for many minutes just seconds ago. After grabbing the pillow from the bed, he quickly descended the bed. He appeared to make the connection between that cushion and her ceasing to cry.

Liz’s experience with Remus inspired her to pursue certification as a canine behavior specialist. She currently owns and operates a training business where she assists other furry people in resolving behavioral problems.

CREDITS: Liz Graffagnino Taft

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