Woman boards her kayak after discovering a cat that is stranded on an island on social media. – Animals Nature Press

Woman boards her kayak after discovering a cat that is stranded on an island on social media.


The Saginaw River in Michigan was home to a bob-tailed cat later given the name Kayak. The cat managed to survive by hiding away inside a hollow tree on the island, which was barely more than a little thatch of trees. No one can figure out how the cat got there. Was the cat abandoned on the island? He swam, right?

Reporter for WNEM Press identifies the island in the Saginaw River.

Thankfully, the cat was located and reported on social media, where a compassionate woman by the name of Elyssa Weber discovered it. Surprisingly, the moment she read the story, she knew she had to be the one to save the cat. She would kayak out to the tangle of trees and consider her options, writes pawmypets.com

“My heart literally pounded a million miles per hour in an instant. I just needed to get out there, I knew, Weber said WNEM.


Weber went to the island, but the cat escaped captivity on the first night. She came back the following day carrying live traps, unfazed.

We went back the next morning to fetch the cat, and kitty was there! We moved him inland after strapping him to the front of the kayak, according to Weber.

The cat eventually rode over the river and ended up at the Humane Society of Bay Region, where he was given the name Kayak. Then, he would undoubtedly be placed in foster care by another wonderful person.

He appears to be an unloved cat or a stray. The good news is that he is now desired and adored. To me, that is what is most important.

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Source: pawmypets.com

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