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People are in tears as they see the dog’s touching final act of love for her friend


After a happy life full of joy and love, this adorable creature named Gaspar just passed away from a sickness in the comfortable lives of people who loved him the most.

“Thanks for all the good times we shared together… Gaspar’s owner, Marcelo Rodriguez, promised his pet, “You will undoubtedly always be with us.

But the most heartfelt tributes to that cherished dog required no words at all.

Although Gaspar shared a home with Rodrguez, he spent most of his happy days with Kaya, a dog who belonged to Rodrguez’s mother.

Rodrguez told The Dodo, “We would get them together on the weekends to spend time with each other. “That was the beginning of their friendship.”


The friendship between Gaspar and Kaya was evident in their never-ending tail-wagging frenzy. Evidently, though, their love went even farther.

Gaspar and Kaya’s time together will sadly not endure forever, like all good ideas.
Gaspar lost his battle with kidney failure earlier this month and passed away. Kaya was given the opportunity to say goodbye to her old friend before his body was laid to rest in Rodriguez’s backyard since she understood how important he was to her.

Nobody could have anticipated what would happen next, though.

Kaya climbed atop the brand-new dust mound that served as Gaspar’s permanent resting place as a final expression of devotion for the spirit she so much valued, writes

She spent the entire early morning on top of his grave at that point, according to Rodriguez. Although Gaspar is no longer with us, his spirit still exists in Kaya’s heart. but not just in hers.

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After Rodrguez tweeted about Kaya’s thoughtful gesture for Gaspar, it quickly gained traction and received over 100,000 likes and retweets. Many commenters said they were moved to tears upon learning of the dog’s moving farewell ode.

Kaya had a peaceful time at Gaspar’s tomb, but it still resonates today. Pets are superior entities that we will never comprehend and that we do not deserve, wrote Rodrguez.


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