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After peeing on this man, a street dog gets a new home.


A stray dog found a home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after urinating on a man’s back, which he likely mistook for a fire hydrant.

Heinze Sanchez was on the sidewalk using his phone when a dog walked up and secretly urinated on his back. The security camera video soon gained popularity on social media, but many people were horrified by his response.

Heinze chuckled and remarked:

I was fixated on my phone. I was perched on the ground and reading a message. I missed his entrance. As he steadily drew nearer, I felt something hot and became alarmed. I looked up and saw that he had urinated on me. That made me angry.

Heinze got to his feet and approached the frightened dog. On social media, the man received harsh criticism for trying to kick the animal although he was not even close to it.


As Heinze said:

“I was criticized for kicking him by several people. I didn’t hit him, though. My knee shrank at the hour. I didn’t mean to injure him; it was just an impulsive reaction. Did you see what your friend did to me? I questioned him when another dog came running over to him.

Heinze decided to go to look for the dog. He went back to the street where it all happened and asked what had become of the animal. The dog ran around excitedly when the student discovered him.

According to Extra, Heinze stated:

“I kept thinking about him since I had clashed with him. I walked throughout the area, asking whether it had an owner. I called him when I discovered him, and he came running, shaking his tail. It was beginning to rain. I played with him for a bit before deciding to take him home. He approached me. He is quite gentle; he stays in place and cries when I leave the house. He makes a few messes at the neighbor’s house, but he’s otherwise a decent dog.”

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Heinze wrote on Facebook:

“Good morning to all of you. This morning when I woke up, I raced after the little puppy that had peed on my back. I made an effort to identify the owner and learned that he was a local. The puppy currently resides in a home. I transported him, got him some food and drink, and took him for a walk.

I’m not a bad guy, as many people think; I was just angry about what happened. He was far from my feet when I kicked him, so I didn’t shrink my knee, go after him, throw rocks at him, or do anything else. I continued to converse with the other dog that came over.

The animal was given the name Enzo Sánchez. Heinze posted several pictures of the newest member of the family on social media.

The guy declared:

“I gave him the name Enzo because I always vowed to give my child the name Enzo. He is now clean and well-fed and with me.


CREDITS: Facebook/ Heinze Sanchez

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