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The Humans Left The Pregnant Dog Behind When They Relocated.


There is no valid justification to discard a helpless animal in any way, and doing so is always morally reprehensible. These days, there are a plethora of “organizations.zations” that exist to provide assistance to animals in need of homes as well as to look for animals to adopt.
The unfortunate puppy continues to wait by the front door each and every day for its owner to return home.

A German lady phoned her relatives in Costa Rica to ask for their assistance in rescuing a pregnant puppy that had been left “abandoned” at her former residence while the family was away.

The dog is displaying clear signs that it is very pregnant and will soon give birth by leaning against the house and exposing its tummy.

They uprooted their lives and abandoned their pregnant dog, leaving her without food or water. Only her, with a quite large stomach. The unfortunate animal is forced to spend each day and night only waiting at the front door for its owner to return.


As a result of the time difference, Cappelluti finds herself awake in the middle of the night. In order to choose what course of action to take, she persuades her neighbor to assist her in bringing the dog inside.

They are up against the clock since the puppy might be delivered at any moment with a full stomach.

Shortly after that, Wynn Mackey made an offer to assist the lovable puppy. Mackey has a number of dogs in the home at the moment, but after hearing about Marie’s sad experience, he realized that he needed to take action with one of the dogs.

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People who lived in the region were highly interested in this topic prior to Mackey providing Marie with a temporary house he had arranged for her.
Marie is the mother of several really beautiful children.

Marie was taken in by him and given the warmth and security of his house; only ten days later, she gave birth to seven robust pups.

Mackey was aware that Marie’s delivery was only a matter of time, so he made special arrangements for her to have a comfortable place to sleep when the time came.

A few days later, the town of Capelluti held a party to welcome the arrival of Marie’s adorable pups from Berlin.

She labored and delivered the baby right there in Mackey’s bed.

Mackey and the incredible dog developed a close relationship over time. He would not leave her side, and when the time came for her to give birth, she decided to do it in the bed of the person who had rescued her.
Even though Marie was relieved, she had a hard time pulling herself away from the youngsters.

The joy and pleasure that Marie feels makes the frantic effort that was put in at the last minute across the Atlantic to save her all the more justified.

Marie is a doting and attentive mother who is fiercely protective of her young cubs.

They want to begin seeking for a permanent home for Marie and the seven pups after they have all made significant improvements in their health.

Bless all of you for rescuing that poor, sad woman and providing the comfort and care she needed to safely deliver her lovely children. You can all now breathe a sigh of relief since everyone is now safe. 💖🙏

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